PTZ Camera


  1. Nepal Cloud
  2. Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  3. Motion Detection
  4. PoE
  5. Live View
  6. Smart Night Vision
  7. Smart Supplement Light
  8. Multilingual
  9. In-App Notification
  10. IP66 Weather Resistance
  11. Micro SD Slot
  12. Two-way audio
  13. HD Resolution
  14. HEVC
  15. Artificial Intelligence
  16. Monetarized Pan and Tilt for 360 Visual Coverage

Feature Descriptions

  1. Nepal Cloud:
    Enjoy the flexibility of safely keeping your video content in the cloud and say goodbye to the restrictions of on-site storage equipment. Our cameras seamlessly sync with the cloud storage provider of your choice, enabling you to access and manage your recordings whenever you choose, from any location

  2. Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
    Our IP cameras are built specifically to function on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band, which is dependable and widely supported. Wi-Fi connectivity makes installation simple, removing the need for complicated wiring and allowing for flexible camera placement.

  3. Motion Detection:
    With our IP cameras' advanced motion detection feature, you can stay one step ahead of any potential dangers. Our cameras are outfitted with sophisticated algorithms and sensors that can identify and notify you of any movement that occurs inside their field of vision, ensuring that you are instantly informed of any suspicious activity.

  4. PoE:
    Our PoE-capable IP cameras eliminate the need for additional power supply and streamline installation by combining data and power transfer into a single Ethernet connection. To provide dependable power without the inconvenience of adding additional power lines, PoE enables you to easily connect your cameras to a PoE switch or injector.

  5. Live View:
    Utilize our IP cameras' compelling live view capability to completely immerse yourself in ongoing surveillance. You can monitor your property with unrivaled simplicity by instantly accessing a live video stream from your cameras with a single tap on your smartphone or click on your computer. Discover the power of seamless remote viewing, which enables you to remain in touch and informed wherever you are.

  6. Smart Night Vision:
    Our outstanding IP cameras, which come with cutting-edge night vision capabilities, provide unmatched visibility even on the darkest of nights. Our cameras guarantee crystal-clear image quality and better security, giving you round-the-clock safety and peace of mind whether they are monitoring outdoor regions, dimly lit surroundings, or low-light situations.

  7. Smart Supplement Light:
    Smart Supplement Light feature of our IP cameras, light up your surveillance. These cameras include integrated LED lights that intelligently vary their intensity based on the surrounding environment, making them better able to see in dim lighting circumstances.

  8. Multilingual:
    Our multilingual IP cameras help you communicate with a wider audience and overcome language obstacles. Our cameras include a smooth multilingual interface that enables you to access and modify settings in your choice language. This interface was created to meet a variety of user preferences.

  9. In-App Notification:
    Our IP cameras' easy in-app notification feature lets you stay in the loop and in charge at all times. When motion is detected or other significant events take place, our specialized mobile app will send you real-time notifications to your smartphone or tablet. You won't ever miss a crucial moment, assuring prompt response and proactive security management, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go.

  10. IP66 Weather Resistance:
    Our IP66-rated IP cameras, which offer great protection against dust, water, and extreme outdoor environments, are an investment in unrivaled durability and weather resistance. Our cameras are carefully engineered with durable materials and sealed enclosures to endure the harshest environments, ensuring dependable performance and lifetime.

  11. Micro SD Slot:
    Our IP cameras' Micro SD card feature offers convenient local recording and increased storage capacity. You may quickly insert a memory card to store recorded footage right on the camera using the built-in Micro SD card slot. Take advantage of the ease of local recording and quick access to your video archives, which make it simple for you to watch, export, or share recordings.

  12. Two Way Audio:
    Our cameras provide real-time, bidirectional audio communication with built-in microphones and speakers, letting you hear and speak through the camera from a distance. The two-way audio functionality offers a potent tool for participatory monitoring, whether it's greeting guests, giving directions, or keeping an eye on a particular region. Utilize the convenience of your mobile device or computer to stay connected to your surroundings and successfully communicate with those who are present.

  13. HD Resolution:
    With our IP cameras' high-definition (HD) resolution, you can see each and every aspect and pixel. Our cameras are built to give better image quality, and they capture every scene with amazing precision so you can see even the smallest details in startling clarity. Our HD resolution guarantees that no important information is missed, whether you're watching a wide region or concentrating on spots of interest.

  14. HEVC:
    Use our IP cameras to benefit from the cutting-edge High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) video compression technology. Built to maximize storage effectiveness and bandwidth consumption, HEVC produces excellent video quality while drastically lowering file sizes. With the HEVC support of our IP cameras, you may increase your surveillance capabilities while reducing bandwidth and storage needs, resulting in a more effective and affordable security system.

  15. Artificial Intelligence:
    Equipped with advanced AI algorithms, our cameras go beyond traditional video monitoring, providing enhanced capabilities for object recognition, facial detection, and behavior analysis. Receive real-time notifications for specific events, identify and classify objects of interest, and acquire insightful knowledge about patterns and trends in your video footage. Our AI-enabled cameras provide unmatched precision and efficiency, eliminating false alerts and providing useful intelligence for preventative security measures.

  16. Monetarized Pan and Tilt for 360 Visual Coverage:
    Our IP cameras with monetarized pan and tilt feature provide the best visual coverage. Our cameras provide you with a full 360-degree picture of your surroundings by rotating both horizontally (pan) and vertically (tilt), making sure that no blind areas are missed.