We are resolute in our belief that technology has an essential role to play towards enabling flexibility in learning spaces. Well-planned IT solutions can help educators maximize resources and reduce costs while improving access to students and providing a better experience.

We tend to provide mentors and their institutions, solutions for collective work designing, remote learning and performance analysis. We also offer educator-specific networking services as well as physical security to ensure a fabricated environment for learning, growth and vision. There are a lot of challenges to implement a proper network scenario in any educational institutions. There are different groups of learning aspirants with different interest of subjects. Also the network division and access scenario should meet the differences between mentors and mentees. Only a careful planning and design implementation will ensure proper addressing of needs with minimal side effects.

We promise to dedicate the required hours to understand your unique challenges, research on it’s reformation and design custom solutions that specifically address your needs. Learning had never been so effective previously and Dristi ensures costumer’s ultimate satisfaction facilitating learning in Nepal.

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